Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters: Best Starter, stats, moves, and how to catch more of them (2023)

Starter Pokemon are one series tradition that hasn’t been unseated in Pokemon Legends Arceus, although they are a little different this time around. Rather than three all-new starter Pokemon, Legends Arceus features three familiar starter Pokemon making a return - though each also gets its own exclusive new evolution for this title.

The three starter Pokemon of Legends Arceus follow tradition in that they’re of the Grass, Fire, and Water types - and each ultimately has its own set of strengths and weaknesses - some driven by move set, some by stats, and some by their primary and secondary type, as demonstrated in our Type Strength and Weakness chart. On this page, we cover some key things about each of the starters:

  • Picking the best Starter Pokemon
  • How to catch more Starter Pokemon
  • All about each Starter:

Picking the Best Starter Pokemon in Legends Arceus

As is always the case with Pokemon’s starters, the developers have worked to ensure that all three of the starter Pokemon are strong, viable, and will be more than capable members of your Pokemon team through the end-game, so long as you keep leveling up and evolving each of them. As such, there isn’t an easy answer for which of the starter Pokemon is the ‘best’ - it’s really heavily dependent upon your personal choice.

Because the three starters hail from older Pokemon games this time, perhaps you have a favourite already. Perhaps you’re planning to take a look at each Pokemon’s new Hisui-exclusive evolution for Legends Arceus and will make a decision based on that - we introduce those below - and we have information on all Pokemon Evolutions in Legends Arceuson another page. Or, perhaps likewise, you want to look at move lists and stats - we detail a little of that, too.

Really, though, know that you can choose any of the three you like and you won’t be disadvantaged. One of the main ways starter choice could advantage you in other games was the order of gyms, which might make the game harder or easier with certain starters - but with no gyms in Legends Arceus, that element of choosing a starter is gone. In that sense, the best starter is really just whichever one you love the best.

Furthermore, in Pokemon Legends Arceus there are guaranteed ways to get the other starters later on, should you change your mind. You can also get the original Sinnoh Starters if you want - we've got a separate page explaining where to find Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar.Keep in mind that this page will contain images and spoilers about the final evolutions of the Starter Pokemon. Read on…

How to get more Starter Pokemon

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As is Pokemon tradition, the resident Poke-Professor in Pokemon Legends Arceus, Professor Laventon, will offer you a choice of one of the game’s three starter Pokemon at the onset of the game. First, you’ll have to catch all three in the wild - the tutorial for this game’s new Pokemon-catching mechanic. Once that’s done, and after some story development, you’ll get to choose between the three, as well as unlock your first crafting recipes and get going on the game proper.

But what if you want more? What if you want to have all three starter Pokemon? Well, that is technically possible - and it doesn’t require trading!

There are two ways to catch more Starters in Pokemon Legends Arceus:

  1. Throughout the entire game, the three starter Pokemon can appear as spawns in the Spacetime Distortions, the random events that create a darkened zone where rare Pokemon and items spawn. They are rare spawns, however. Specifically:
    • Rowlet has a chance to spawn in distortions in the Mount Coronet zone.
    • Cyndaquil has a chance to spawn in distortions in the Crimson Mirelands zone.
    • Oshawott has a chance to spawn in distortions in the Alabaster Icelands zone.
  2. Once you finish the main story, return to the Galaxy Expedition HQ in Jubilife Village and find the Professor in his room on the ground floor, in a room near the NPC that upgrades your inventory space along with the Notice Board that occasionally reveals side quests. Talk to the Professor and he’ll ask you if you’d like to take the Pokemon he has in the room with him on your adventures. Say yes, and you’ll get the two starters you didn’t pick at the game’s onset; if there's not space on your team, they get added to your storage.

Grass Starter Rowlet & Hisuian Decidueye

Rowlet is the Pokemon Legends Arceus grass-type starter Pokemon, but it first made its debut in 2016’s Sun & Moon as that game’s starter. What’s different this time around is that once it evolves to its final form, Decidueye, it gets an exclusive new Hisuian form that is all-new for this game. That new form has a new secondary Pokemon type which really mixes things up.

  • Evolutions: Dartrix (Level 17) >> Hisuian Decidueye (Level 34)
  • Type: Grass / Flying, then Grass / Fighting in final evolution
  • Weak Vs: Flying, Fire, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Fairy
  • Resist Damage: Grass, Water, Electric, Ground, Rock, Dark
  • Base Stats: High Attack & Special Attack, Low HP and Speed

Hisui Decidueye Move List

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Once you evolve a Rowlet to Hisuian Decidueye, you’ll have access to its complete range of moves as you level up. From leveling up alone, Decidueye will get ideas for a strong range of moves - mostly in the grass and flying categories, but also a few fighting-type moves.

On paper, the best moves Hisuian Decidueye can get access to are Leaf Storm, Brave Bird, Leave Blade, and Aura Sphere. All of these are learned through leveling - though there’s some very useful moves available to be taught at the training ground.

Learned via Level Up:

  • Gust (Flying)
  • Leafage (Grass)
  • Roost (Flying)
  • Aerial Ace (Flying)
  • Magical Leaf (Grass)
  • Air Slash (Flying)
  • Aura Sphere (Fighting)
  • Leaf Blade (Grass)
  • Triple Arrows (Fighting)
  • Brave Bird (Flying)
  • Leaf Storm (Grass)

Taught at the Training Ground:

  • False Swipe (Normal)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting)
  • Spikes (Ground)
  • Aerial Ace (Flying)
  • Swift (Normal)
  • Magical Leaf (Grass)
  • Focus Energy (Normal)
  • Bulk Up (Fighting)
  • Rest (Psychic)
  • Psycho Cut (Psychic)
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  • Energy Ball (Grass)
  • Giga Impact (Normal)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)

Fire Starter Cyndaquil & Hisuian Typhlosion

Cyndaquil is back as the Pokemon Legends Arceus fire starter Pokemon, filling the same role as it did in Gold & Silver back in 1999. While the original was pure fire-type all the way through, the Hisui form of second evolution Typhlosion gets a secondary type of Ghost this time around.
Some other things to know:

  • Evolutions: Quilava (Level 14) >> Hisuian Typhlosion (Level 36)
  • Type: Fire, then Fire / Ghost for final evolution
  • Weak Vs: Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Dark
  • Resist Damage: Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Poison, Fairy, Steel, Normal, Fighting
  • Base Stats: High Sp. Attack, middling other stats, Low HP.

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Hisui Typhlosion Move List

After evolving Cyndaquil and Quilava, you’ll be left with the interesting dual-type situation of Fire and Ghost - and most of the best-possible move sets for Hisuian Typlosion are built around making use of those types of moves, at least for maximum damage output.

Through normal leveling Hisuian Typhlosion can only pick up a couple of ghost-type moves, but a wider variety, including Shadow Ball, one of our favourites, can be picked up from the move tutor. It can also learn some Electric, Rock, Ground, and Fighting-type moves that way - so this starter evolution really can be a bit of a Jack of all Trades.

Learned via Level Up:

  • Quick Attack (Normal)
  • Ember (Fire)
  • Rollout (Rock)
  • Flame Wheel (Fire)
  • Swift (Normal)
  • Flamethrower (Fire)
  • Infernal Parade (Ghost)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Overheat (Fire)

Taught at the Training Ground:

  • Rock Smash (Fighting)
  • Bulldoze (Ground)
  • Aerial Ace (Flying)
  • Swift (Normal)
  • Ominous Wind (Ghost)
  • Calm Mind (Psychic)
  • Rest (Psychic)
  • Fire Punch (Fire)
  • Thunder Punch (Electric)
  • Drain Punch (Fighting)
  • Rock Slide (Rock)
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  • Iron Tail (Steel)
  • Mystical Fire (Fire)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Giga Impact (Normal)
  • Wild Charge (Electric)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Flamethrower (Fire)

Water Starter Oshawott & Hisuian Samurott

Oshawott is the water starter for Pokemon Legends Arceus, though of course it’s a familiar face, having been the water starter in 2010’s Pokemon Black & White. As is the case for all these starters, when it evolves up to the new exclusive Hisuian form of its final evolution, Samurott, it gains an additional type - making it a Water & Dark dual-type Pokemon. Here’s the basic stats for the Oshawott evolutionary line in Legends Arceus…

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  • Evolutions: Dewott (Level 17) >> Hisuian Samurott (Level 36)
  • Type: Water, then Water / Dark for final evolution
  • Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Fighting, Bug, Fairy
  • Resist Damage: BFire, Water, Ice, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Steel
  • Base Stats: Strong, balanced Attack & Sp. Attack stats, but weak HP and Sp. Defense.

Hisui Samurott Move List

The goal with your starters should be to evolve up as fast as you can - and once you take Oshawott and get it all the way to Hisuian Samurott, you can start thinking about your long-term move-list. Hisuian Samurott feels like it’s been built for a balance of attack - so it learns a good suite of both Physical and Special moves in both of its native types, leaving the choice of which to use up to you.

On paper, its best moves are the Special Moves - they’re the more naturally powerful. But, Hisuian Samurott’s natural stats lean more towards physical attacks - so it’s up to you to square that circle. One way of doing that might be to hit up the Training Ground, where this Hisui evolution can get outside its comfort zone with quite a few non-native move types that can be learned to buff out its battle utility.

Learned via Level Up:

  • Tackle (Normal)
  • Aqua Jet (Water)
  • Swords Dance (Normal)
  • Water Pulse (Water)
  • Ceaseless Edge (Dark)
  • Slash (Normal)
  • Aqua Tail (Water)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Hydro Pump (Water)

Taught at the Training Ground:

  • False Swipe (Normal)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting)
  • Aerial Ace (Flying)
  • Focus Energy (Normal)
  • Rest (Psychic)
  • Poison Jab (Poison)
  • Psycho Cut (Psychic)
  • X-Scissor (Bug)
  • Iron Tail (Steel)
  • Water Pulse (Water)
  • Icy Wind (Ice)
  • Giga Impact (Normal)
  • Aqua Tail (Water)
  • Megahorn (Bug)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark)

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How do I increase my chances of catching arceus? ›

Here are some tips for catching Pokémon!
  1. Prepping for the road ahead.
  2. Pokémon behaviors.
  3. Choose the right Poké Ball.
  4. Try controlling the camera with motion controls.
  5. Sneaking up on Pokémon.
9 Mar 2022

What is the strongest starter in Legends arceus? ›

That being said, our pick for the best starter in Pokemon Legends Arceus is Rowlet. Unlike the other two, it has dual typing of Flying/Grass, meaning it's strong against more enemies and also can learn a higher variety of moves.

How do I make catching legends arceus easier? ›

Once the Pokémon has been stunned, players can simply walk up behind it and throw a Poké Ball at its back for an easy capture. If the Pokémon breaks loose from the Poké Ball after being stunned, it will take fewer items to stun again.

What Pokémon should I catch first in arceus? ›

However, catching one early on in the Obsidian Fieldlands is highly recommended. Cherubi and Cherrim both need to be caught if players want to get Arceus in the postgame.

What increases chance to catch Pokémon? ›

If successful, the Poké Ball will hit the Pokémon and, hopefully, catch it. To increase your chances, aim your throw so the Poké Ball lands as close as possible to the centre of the coloured circle. To increase your chances further, throw the Poké Ball at the coloured circle when it's at it's smallest.

How do you make catching Pokémon easier? ›

Most of these tips apply to any Pokémon you try to capture, so keep them in mind throughout the game.
  1. Head to the Ultra Wormhole. ...
  2. Get Your Pokémon in Sync. ...
  3. Carefully Weaken Your Foe. ...
  4. Put `Em to Sleep. ...
  5. Train Pokémon for the Job. ...
  6. Stock Up on Poké Balls. ...
  7. Bust Out the Good Stuff. ...
  8. Be Careful with Your Master Ball.

Is Rowlet or cyndaquil better? ›

The Final Verdict

Conversely, Cyndaquil becomes both the fastest and the most powerful overall, while Rowlet is able to offer a little more early-game versatility than either of the other two options.

Who is the strongest starter Gen 1? ›

Best Gen 1 Starter: Bulbasaur

The grass-type Pokemon has a type advantage in the first two gyms and can hold its own just fine in the two that follow as well. It also reaches its final stage evolution four levels earlier than the other gen 1 starters, which can really help during the middle section of the games.

Which Hisuian starter is best? ›

Oshawott stands out as being the only starter who can reliably and easily take on the first Noble Pokemon in the game, Kleavor. A hard-hitting Water-type move should finish it off neatly before it can do much damage. This makes team-building in the first area of the game a little less stressful.

Can you catch an alpha Pokémon without battling it? ›

The important thing to catching Alpha Pokemon without battling them is using stealth and hiding in the grass. All Alpha Pokemon are aggressive regardless of their species, and if they see someone approaching, they'll go on the offensive.

Is there an alpha Eevee? ›

You can find an Alpha Shiny Eevee in the wild as soon as you gain access to the first map, the Obsidian Fieldlands. But just be warned: it's not easy to spawn, especially in its rare Shiny version. A Shiny Alpha may also be found during Mass and Massive Mass Outbreaks if you're lucky enough to get an Eevee one.

What is the best Poke Ball in Arceus? ›

What are the best Poké Balls? Undoubtedly, within each of the three categories, the best are the Ultra Ball, the Gigaton Ball and the Jet Ball, respectively. The capture ratio increases proportionally according to their rarity.

Is Alpha Pokémon stronger? ›

The thing to remember about Alpha Pokémon is that they're always going to be stronger than the Pokémon around them, usually by around 15-20 levels — in some cases, even more than that.

What is the hardest Pokémon to get in Pokémon Arceus? ›

6/10 Giratina

Giratina is, without a doubt, the most hard-to-catch member of the creation trio. After beating the main story, players must then capture six legendary Pokemon: Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Heatran, Cresselia, and Regigigas.

Where is the shiny gyarados in Arceus? ›

The Flying Gyarados will appear directly above Obsidian Falls in Obsidian Fieldlands, this can be found to the east of the Heights Base Camp.

Does CP affect catch rate? ›

Aside from the Base Capture Rate, a Pokemon's Combat Power also influences the final Cate Rate. As players can imagine, the higher the CP (which usually indicates they are suitable to use in the GO Battle League), the harder it'll be to catch it.

Does sleep make Pokémon easier to catch? ›

Sleep increases the catch-rate by quite a bit more than Paralysis does, and it stops Pokemon from attacking for a couple of turns. However, some Pokemon have Abilities to stop them from being affected by Sleep, like Insomnia.

Does tapping a button help catch Pokémon? ›

Holding down on the D-pad and the B-button right after throwing a Poké Ball has long been said to be the key to catching any Pokémon, and it's easily the best known Pokémon superstition. There are others, too, including variations on this one.

Is Rowlet or Oshawott better? ›

If you're looking for a smooth start, Oshawott is a good pick. If you're looking for a challenge, go with Rowlet. Ultimately, you should just pick whichever Pokémon you like. You can find counters for the Noble Pokémon and get past them without even battling, so go with whatever starter your heart desires.

Can you get a shiny starter in arceus? ›

You can, however, obtain shiny forms of the starter Pokémon by hunting them down in Space-time Distortions. Meanwhile, if you want a shiny Unown, you first need to complete the Unown Research Notes by hunting down all 28 Unown locations across the Hisui region.

How many hours is Legends arceus? ›

How long does it take to finish Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes between 20 and 30 hours to complete if you're solely focusing on the main story.

Who is the weakest starter Pokemon? ›

Chikorita is at the bottom of most lists ranking starter Pokémon. They may start out cute, but that really can't make up for a poor move list and mediocre stats that don't really improve when they evolve into a Bayleef and finally Meganium (which is a lot less “Mega” than it sounds).

Who is the strongest starter? ›

Greninja not only has the highest Speed stat of any starter so far, but it also has menacingly dangerous Attack and Special Attack stats. Though the Pokemon isn't incredibly unique in typing as a Water/Dark-type, this combination still provides it with excellent coverage against many different opponents.

What starter has the highest HP? ›

  • 8/15 Feraligatr (Base 85 HP) ...
  • 7/15 Chesnaught (Base 88 HP) ...
  • 6/15 Torterra (Base 95 HP) ...
  • 5/15 Samurott (Base 95 HP) ...
  • 4/15 Incineroar (Base 95 HP) ...
  • 3/15 Swampert (Base 100HP) ...
  • 2/15 Rillaboom (Base 100 HP) ...
  • 1/15 Emboar (Base 110 HP) Finally, it's the starter Pokémon with the most HP to date: Generation V's Emboar.
25 Oct 2020

Can you get all 3 starters in arceus? ›

The player can get all the starters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus by talking with Professor Laventon after capturing both Palkia and Dialga.

What is the strongest mega starter? ›

Here's every starter Mega Evolution, ranked from worst to best.
  • 7/7 Mega Sceptile.
  • 6/7 Mega Blastoise.
  • 5/7 Mega Charizard Y.
  • 4/7 Mega Venusaur.
  • 3/7 Mega Swampert.
  • 2/7 Mega Charizard X.
  • 1/7 Mega Blaziken.
27 Jun 2019

Is Greninja in Pokémon arceus? ›

Pokemon Legends: Arceus' DLC Could Reshape the Game

Currently, there are 63 Pokemon missing from every Switch Pokemon game, including fan-favorite Greninja or the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa and Meloetta.

Do Alpha Pokémon stay big when you catch them? ›

Alpha Pokemon can be recognized by their glowing red eyes and large size. Once it's caught, the small red icon next to a Pokemon's name indicates it's an alpha, as does its size! When an Alpha Pokemon evolves, it retains its large size.

Can Alpha Pokémon be shiny? ›

As such, when players load their save, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will immediately load in a new Alpha Pokemon. This newly spawned Pokemon will have a chance of being a shiny.

Why can't I catch Alphas? ›

If you see an Alpha Pokémon when you're first starting out, resist the urge to chuck a Poke Ball at it. You can't catch it no matter what you do because you need to increase your in-game rank by several stars. Just be patient, fill out those Pokédex entries, rank up, and come back later.

Is there a dragon Eevee? ›

Their basic Dragon-type Eeveelution is called Drakeon, complete with tail spikes and fangs.

Is Eevee a dog or a cat? ›

Eevee are a mix of rabbit, cat, and fox. It's a common misconception that they're only foxes based on their fox-like tails, but their rabbit-like ears and short round face disprove this.

Does Eevee have 9 evolutions? ›

Each of Eevee's eight evolutions has different stats and weaknesses. Knowing these will help you choose what to keep from your Eevee haul. All eight 'Eeveelutions' are now available in Pokémon GO: Sylveon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon and Glaceon.

Is the origin ball a Master Ball? ›

Most of these balls can be crafted, and some lower-tier ones can eventually be bought from merchants. The Origin Ball is the lone exception to this rule, as it is Pokemon Legends' equivalent to a Master Ball. There is only one, and it is given to the player late in the game.

Which Poké Ball is most powerful? ›

Although the item's rarity hurts it, the Master Ball is the overall best Poke Ball in terms of catch rate. It just needs to be used wisely.

What Poké Ball has the best catch rate? ›

The Master Ball is the best ball in the game. It will capture any Pokemon with a 0% chance of failure, including Legendaries. You get the Master Ball from Professor Magnolia after completing the Pokemon League. You will only get one copy of this Pokeball in the game so use it wisely.

Are alpha Pokémon stronger or just bigger? ›

Let's start with the basics and cover what exactly an Alpha Pokémon is. In short, Alpha Pokémon are special types of Pokémon found in Pokémon Legends: Arceus that are powered up forms of their normal Pokémon counterparts. They're far bigger, have higher stats, and will attack you on sight in almost every circumstance.

Can a Pokémon become an Alpha? ›

They're especially hard to catch and respawn much slower than normal. Needless to say, they make for an excellent challenge. Now, every Pokemon that spawns into the map has a low (around 5%) chance of spawning as an alpha. That means that, technically, every Pokemon in the game has an alpha form!

Are alpha Pokémon rare? ›

This means every Pokémon encountered in the wild aside from Legendary & Mythical Pokémon has got a chance of being an Alpha. This ranges from a 0.2% chance to a 2% chance depending on the Pokémon, location and time of day.

How rare are shiny Alphas? ›

FAQ #2 Shiny Alpha BIRB may take YEARS Shiny rate 1/225,219 3 slots per Space-Time, so 1/75,073 per Space-Time Space-Time take ~15 minutes to spawn and form. So 1,126,095 minutes for 1:1 odds 18,768 hours 2,346 8-hour game sessions... 6.42 YEARS of playing 8 hours for 1:1 odds. What is BIRB ?

What is the rarest shiny in Arceus? ›

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Cranidos is one of the rarest Pokemon in the entire game. If you're looking for Cranidos, the Pokemon can only be found in a space-time distortion in the Coronet Highlands.

How is the strongest Pokémon ever? ›

1. Arceus. Arceus is, without a doubt, the most powerful Legendary Pokémon. This Normal type Mythical Pokémon is the creator of the universe and thus the closest that the Pokémon world has to a god.

Is there a shiny Eternatus? ›

Shiny Eternatus will arrive in your game at Lv. 100 with a Timid Nature and the Pressure Ability. It'll know the moves Dynamax Cannon, Eternabeam, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower, so it should make a powerful addition to your team!

What game do you get red gyarados? ›

The red Gyarados appears in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon WiiWare, where it can be obtained at Level 30 via Wonder Mail password.

What is the chance of catching Arceus? ›

As with other Pokémon games, the standard Shiny rate in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is 1/4096, according to Serebii.net. However, mass outbreaks increase the Shiny chance to a whopping 1/158.2 chance, making it one of the best ways to find Shiny Pokémon.

Is Arceus a guaranteed catch in Arceus? ›

Since its introduction in Generation 4, Arceus has only ever been officially catchable a few times.

What are the chances of getting Arceus? ›

How To Find Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The base shiny rate in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is one in 4096, the same as it's been since Gen 6.

Do you have to 100 the Pokédex to catch Arceus? ›

Long story short, players need to complete the pokedex. This includes catching every Legendary in the post-game. This includes Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Heatran, Cresselia, Regigigas, Giratina, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, and Enamorus. But keep in mind, that doesn't mean players are required to 100% the game.

What is the best Poké Ball in arceus? ›

What are the best Poké Balls? Undoubtedly, within each of the three categories, the best are the Ultra Ball, the Gigaton Ball and the Jet Ball, respectively. The capture ratio increases proportionally according to their rarity.

Should you catch Alpha Pokémon? ›

Once trainers defeat the Noble Pokemon of the region they're in, Alpha Pokemon will start appearing more frequently in the wild. The well-known and common way of catching an Alpha Pokemon is to battle it. However, since Alpha Pokemon are so strong, it's better to try and catch them without engaging them in battle.

Can you make a Pokémon an Alpha? ›

Now, every Pokemon that spawns into the map has a low (around 5%) chance of spawning as an alpha. That means that, technically, every Pokemon in the game has an alpha form! However, there are a select few that are guaranteed to appear as alphas at specific times and in specific locations.

Can you catch Arceus without cheating? ›

Arceus is an Event Pokémon, meaning that it could only be acquired legitimately through special events held by Nintendo. The last Arceus event was in 2010 and there are no more planned, meaning the only way to get one in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum without cheating is to trade with someone who got one from the event.

Are alpha Pokémon better Arceus? ›

The alpha version has better defenses and HP but the normal version has better attack and speed.

What is the hardest Pokémon to get in Pokemon arceus? ›

6/10 Giratina

Giratina is, without a doubt, the most hard-to-catch member of the creation trio. After beating the main story, players must then capture six legendary Pokemon: Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Heatran, Cresselia, and Regigigas.

How rare is a shiny Alpha in Legends arceus? ›

The base odds of finding a Shiny in the wild are 4096/1, but these odds can be altered via different methods. Despite these methods, Alpha Pokemon have remained the hardest to find Shiny because of the many layers of RNG that go into hunting them.

What does shiny locked mean? ›

Some Pokémon are Shiny Locked, meaning they cannot be Shiny when you encounter or obtain them, no matter what. This lock is almost always reserved for Legendary or Mythical Pokémon, not ordinary Pokémon.

Is there a satchel limit Arceus? ›

You can upgrade your satchel a total of 37 times, with the final upgrade costing you you a full 1 million Pokédollars, so don't expect to max out your satchel right away.

Which Pokémon has the number 000 in the Pokédex? ›

This is Victini, a very special Pokemon introduced for Pokemon Black and White. So special, in fact, that it occupies number 000 in the Pokedex. It's a "phantom Legendary" Pokemon.

Can you get Arceus without Darkrai? ›

You don't need to capture Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai or Shaymin. You can do these quests whenever you want (if you capture them you will have 241, Arceus as final Pokémon, 242 out of 242).


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