FX Sales Dealer in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2023)

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We are currently recruiting for an FX Dealer, Internal Control for our Treasury Division in Amsterdam .

MUFG Bank Europe N.V. (MBE) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the largest ranked Financial Groups in the world in terms of assets. A world-class set of businesses and more than 180,000 employees in 50 markets. MUFG offers stability in an ever-changing market, providing services to high-profile clients worldwide.

For more than 50 years MBE offers commercial banking services to both Japanese and non-Japanese corporate customers in The Netherlands and, through its branches, in Central and East Europe. The goal is to be among the top performing foreign-owned banks operating in The Netherlands, providing value-added banking services and excellent operations, fulfilling both Japanese and non-Japanese customers' needs.

At MBE we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future. Thus, we will encourage you to embed environmental, social & governance (ESG) factors in your everyday work and in our culture.

The MBE subsidiary based in The Netherlands is a network of branches, managed from Amsterdam.

Our vision? To become the world’s most trusted financial group. You’ll help us achieve it.

Main purpose of the role

As an FX Dealer of the FX Sales desk you will:

  • Manage Foreign Exchange (FX) business from new or existing customers within a diverse range of market sectors in a wide variety of currencies, in order to generate income for MBE.

  • Manage issues covering a widespread of areas (Legal, Regulation, Compliance, Internal controls and Systems) in Treasury Division.

  • Improve the operational efficiency through internal analyses and audit / incident resolution and 4) performs routine administrative/ control tasks.

Function positioning

The function forms part of MBE Treasury Division, which is responsible for management and control of FX trading position, the relationships with customers and bank counter parties with which MBE undertakes treasury business, and the resultant cash flows in order to make profit and maintain the good name MBE enjoys in the market.

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The Analyst shall report to the head of the FX Sales desk in Treasury Division and/or the Head of Treasury Division in his/her absence.

The role includes the following:

  • Dealing with customers, relevant departments and offices of the MUFG Group.

  • To pursue accurate customer treasury business execution and relevant business administration.

  • To initiate FX positions within notified trading limits to achieve personal or team income target.

  • To record and monitor FX positions and ensure these are within the Bank's stated credit limits for counter parties.

  • To enhance the quality of operations in close communication with relevant departments, branches, and customers, leading the members of FX Sales Desk.

  • Contribute to the completion of the team’s workload and support team members.

  • To Identify new FX business opportunities through attraction of new customers or cross-sales to existing customers in cooperation with RMs, Primary offices, EGMD, and relevant divisions in Japan and other countries.

  • To support the Division Head in a variety of matters such as budget control, operations, legal ,system environment and others

  • To enhance the skills of interbank and customer dealers and act as their coach and assessor in second line.

  • To ensure compliance with the Bank’s rules, policies, procedures and guidelines together with all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements.

  • Develop, test and improve internal controls in Treasury area as part of strengthening the internal control framework within Treasury.

  • Support in 2nd, 3rd line and internal control (self) assessments, ensure controls are in place and adhere to internal rules and regulations.

  • Performs routine administrative / control and planning tasks.

  • Participate in internal and/ or external consultation platforms and committees (either on an ad hoc or permanent basis).

  • Support in Treasury related Projects.

The tasks described above, apply to Treasury activities in Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Germany, Spain Branch of MBE. Regular visits to these branches are part of the responsibility of Treasury.

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In order to be successful in the role, you will need the following:

Skills and experience:

  • The function requires an intellectual and working background at HBO level (professional economic/commercial education)

  • Experience in a similar function or relevant area.

  • Verbal and written communication skills in English is essential. And Dutch, Japanese, and other language speaker are also appreciated.

  • Knowledge of the (intra-)departmental work flows and processes, of the products offered by our Front Office and of the applicable internal and external legislation.

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding/experience of/with the bank's credit and market risk business, policies, rules and guidelines.

  • Knowledge of and experience with automated database storage and processing and desktop IT skills.

  • Keep the knowledge and skills up-to-date by reading internal bulletins regarding his/her area and by external or internal education.

Personal requirements:

Integrity and Responsibility

  • Balance Risk with Opportunity

  • Customer Focus

  • Demonstrate Global Perspective

Professionalism and Teamwork

  • Drive For Results

  • Collaborate and Build Partnerships

  • Communicate Effectively and Professionally

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Challenge Ourselves To Grow

  • Influence and Inspire Others

  • Lead Change & Seek Continuous Improvement

  • Think Strategically

  • Manage and Develop Talent

What do we have to offer:

We offer you a role in one of the largest banks of the world in a growing and international environment. You have various opportunities to develop yourself and we will support you with that by offering various training and development possibilities.

Besides that we will offer you:

  • Gross salary based on experience and consistent with the market

  • 8% holiday allowance and 13th month payment.

  • Bonus under discretion of the Management board (max. 20%)

  • 30 vacation days per year. Optional you can buy 15 additional days.

  • Commuting allowance based on annual public transport 2nd class, most economical way, or € 0,19 per km with a max of 75km one way.

  • €5,00 net remote working compensation per day, with a maximum of €60,00 per month.

  • Possibility to order Office Equipment’s (up to €500,-)

  • Possibility to order a mobile device (up to €800,-)

  • Bicycle plan (fiscal benefit)

  • Company fitness (fiscal benefit)

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  • Mental health workshops and budget for external courses (i.e. Dutch language classes).

  • Employee contribution towards Pension insurance (max 5%, currently 2%), our pension scheme is based on a defined contribution scheme.

  • Training & development possibilities paid by the bank (internal rules)

  • Health insurance: Collective premiums offered, for own expense.

Additional information :

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

The role is based in the Netherlands. All candidates need to be willing to relocate to the Netherlands. Internal employees will be supported in case of relocation.

For more information regarding this position you can contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist at: maria.sifniou@nl.mufg.jp

We are open to considering flexible working requests in line with organisational requirements.

MUFG is committed to embracing diversity and building an inclusive culture where all employees are valued, respected and their opinions count. We support the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in recruitment and employment, and oppose all forms of discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy and maternity, race, gender reassignment, religion or belief and marriage or civil partnership.

We make our recruitment decisions in a non-discriminatory manner in accordance with our commitment to identifying the right skills for the right role and our obligations under the law.

At MUFG, our colleagues are our greatest assets. Our Culture Principles provide a roadmap for how each of our colleagues must think and act to become more client-obsessed, inclusive and innovative. They reflect who we are, who we want to be and what we expect from one another. We are excited to see you take the next step in exploring a career with us and encourage you to spend more time reviewing them!

Our Culture Principles

  • Client Centric

  • People Focused

  • Listen Up. Speak Up.

  • Innovate & Simplify

  • Own & Execute

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