Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons (2023)

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Fireboard has had tons of fans for years now and their latest 6 channel remote-read thermometer line has been fanning the flames of their fame. The Fireboard 2 is Wi-Fi meat thermometer is one of the bomb thermometers in that line, alongside Fireboard 2 Drive and Fireboard 2 Pro. It is like the original Fireboard but on steroids. You will appreciate its cool features like control capability and display on the base unit. In our Fireboard 2 review we will also consider other improvements on the model that include weather-resistant casing which makes the thermometer ideal for outdoor use, and an LCD screen that fills up the front face and displays all the probe data.

We will delve deep into the features and performance details of this smart thermometer. You will get to know why it is a favorite go-to for most grill masters.



Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Temperature measurement range

-94°F to 752°F (-70°C to 400°C)


±0.7°F (±0.4°C)



Probe length


(Video) The FireBoard 2 Drive Demo & Review

Weather resistant

Yes, not waterproof


Li-Ion 4000mAh

Battery life

30 hours


4.4" x 2.8" x 1.1"


8 oz.



(Video) Fireboard 2 Pro & Thermoworks Signals Digital Thermometer Comparison | What Makes Them Different?


Anyone who has used the original Fireboard must be excited at the thought of getting their hands on the Fireboard 2. It is a top-quality automatic temperature controller that has gotten all the rave from grill enthusiasts.

Fireboard 2 compares favorably with other thermometers within its range. The Fireboard app contributes to its top-notch performance. It is a host of multiple features that give it an edge over most cloud-connected thermometers. Besides an impeccable build-quality, here are some of the features you should anticipate while unboxing the cloud-connected digital thermometer.

Overall performance

Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons (1)

Any tech savvy grill master or barbecue-r is likely to fall in love with the thermometer’s performance because its features are amazeballs. First off, the thermometer is very intuitive. Even a first time user would be able to wrap their head around its operation in no time. Its menu system is very easy to navigate and its LCD screen is equally easy to read. You can customize the LCD screen to the kind of information you would like to see.

The unit also boasts a rugged build with a water-resistant casing. It’s not entirely waterproof but it can hold up well to a few splashes every now and then. What’s more, the unit comes with 6 thermometer probe sockets which make it ideal for anyone who grills regularly on multiple grills or smokers. You only get 3 probes, though; one ambient temperature probe and 2 meat probes. You can always get extra ones from the Fireboard Website.

Another feature that makes this thermometer a top contender amongst the GOATS is its Wi-Fi and app capability. Yes, it does connect to Bluetooth for the initial setup but when you want to monitor your grill by the pool you can connect to Wi-Fi for a better range. Being able to power the thermometer off battery is also a huge plus. The integrated blower fan removes the necessity of cables.

Right from setup to cleaning and maintenance, there’s nothing complicated about the Fireboard 2. Its basic design and intuitive controls make it one of the best easy-to-use cloud-connected thermometers in the market. Anyone new to temperature control for grills and smokers will easily wrap their head around the operation of the thermometer. It also comes with clear directions from the manufacturer in the user manual.

Design and setup

The Fireboard 2 comes in an elegant modern industrial design. It features a large multi-view graphing LCD screen that can display all the data from all the probe ports simultaneously. You will be able to see current temperature on all probes, a graph of temperature over time on one channel, the same graph and the current readings on all probes.

The screen has an impressive build-quality. It is clearly visible in the sun and it doesn’t power itself off. Forget about fumbling with buttons every time to wake up a screen. When the thermometer is on, transmitting with Bluetooth or transmitting with Wi-Fi you will know from the indicator lights.

You can toggle displays on the thermometer using the side buttons. One side button switches between modes, another probes and the third switches the view options.

The thermometer can detect its orientation and rotate the display to appear the right side up. Moreover, you can use the base station as ‘big-across-the-room’ display or a full featured display. It is much easier when you have the ambient probe and the readings on all probes.

The only downside to Fireboard 2’s design is you can’t set alarms on the base station. So you’ll be completely tied to your phone for alerts. You also can’t hear the alerts without the phone because the unit has no speakers.

Setting up the Fireboard 2 is just as easy as it is with the original Fireboard. It syncs with your phone right after you pull it out of the box. You only need to download the Fireboard app on your smartphone then set up a free account on it. Next, you press ‘Add Fireboard’ in the app and it will automatically configure the thermometer for use via Bluetooth. Eazy breezy, and zero fuss about logins.

There are 4 main sections on the Fireboard; the dashboard, sessions, settings and programs. The dashboard is the section where you get to monitor the real-time temperatures and current cooking session graphs. You can set alerts, hide channels, name channels, add notes, and share your session with others.

When you want to see your previous cooking sessions, you go to the session section. It has notes and start and end times that can be edited. On the programs section, you can create Drive programs based on temperature, time or both. On the settings section is where you get to edit your device and account settings.


When it comes to probes, the Fireboard 2 scores a notch higher than most of its peers. It features 6 thermometer probe sockets which is a huge plus for anyone who cooks regularly and uses multiple grills or smokers simultaneously. It helps in keeping track of more than one cut of meat at the same time.

However, you only get 3 probes one ambient temperature probe and 2 meat probes. You can always get more probes from the Fireboard website. The probes feel robust as their handles and transitions are made from stainless steel. The probes are conveniently angled at 90 degrees towards the handle so that you an easily extract them. They are 5 inches long and can withstand heat up to 572 degrees F. The probe cables are about 6ft and are flexible. They don’t kink up like most cables.


Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons (2)

Fireboard moved to the 4.0 Bluetooth with all of its latest thermometers. You don’t have to experience the traditional Bluetooth pairing every time you need to use the unit. You will only need the BLE connection to initially discover the Fireboard then setup the Wi-Fi connection.

If anything happens to your Wi-Fi and the fireboard loses signal, it will automatically revert to using the BLE connection Bluetooth Low Energy - Wikipedia Bluetooth Low Energy(Bluetooth LE, colloquiallyBLE, formerly marketed asBluetooth Smart) is awireless personal area networktechnology designed and marketed by theBluetooth Special Interest Group(Bluetooth SIG) aimed at novel applications in the healthcare,fitness, beacons,security, and home entertainment industries. to send temperature data to your phone or any other smart device.

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All Fireboard 2 thermometers come with an auxiliary port for connecting additional hardware. Additional hardware can be something like a fan that allows you to control temperature in your grill or smoker. Although the Fireboard 2 does not have a dedicated fan port like its brothers; Fireboard 2 Drive and Fireboard Pro. You can get a special fan control cable to run a thermostatic fan.

The Fireboard 2 App

The Fireboard 2 app is one of the best rated thermometer apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App store. Once you install the app, you can turn on the Fireboard then go ahead and configure the wireless network. It will take you less than a minute to complete the connection.


The thermometer has been proven to be one of the most accurate on the market. When checked against a calibrated reference thermometer in an ice bath and hot water bath, it gave accurate measurements. The probes in the ice bath gave an accurate measurement of +/-0.3 while the hot water bath gave +/-0.5.

The accuracy of the probe readings is rated to within 7/10 of a degree Fahrenheit.

Integrated drive controller

All thermometers in the Fireboard 2 line have this feature. It was first seen on Fireboard 2 and it requires you to buy an extra cable so that you can add a fan blower. The best thing about the original fan cable is that you can also plug an exterior power source into that cord.

Buying the extra cable is a bit of a turn off for some users who intend to use the integrated drive controller port setting but it is worth the effort.

External battery charger block

When you attach a fan to your unit, it is likely to consume more power. If you want to keep your Fireboard powered for longer periods when a fan is attached you should plug in a separate power pack. You will be using a USB port to charge your control unit and the separate power plug will reroute the power to your external fan. The extra fan cable that you get for attaching a fan has an extra port meant for adding a power pack.

Alternatively, you can use a USB adapter, then let the power pack run off the USB connector.

Durability and warranty

Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons (3)

Fireboard has a pretty solid build, typical of anything from Fireboard labs. It feels sturdier than most thermometers within its price range. You can trust its rugged body to hold up well to regular use and abuse.

Plus, the thermometer has a water-resistant case that makes it ideal for outdoor use. It isn’t entirely weather-resistant but can withstand a bit of a splash every now and then. You should probably try as much as you can to protect it from water but an occasional spill wouldn’t mean the end of it.

The only worrying thing about the thermometer’s build is how exposed the probe ports are. They look like they could use some coverage in case it rains or you spill a drink. You may argue that you can flip the thermometer to have the probe ports at the bottom but there’s no way the thermometer can stand when the probes are in that position.

The battery on the thermometer is remarkably great. It should serve you a whopping 30 hours on full charge. It is ready to use straight out of the box and it has no sleep mode.

The Fireboard 2 is backed by a full year’s warranty. The warranty ensures that your thermometer is free from defects and workmanship. In case your unit fails to conform to the limited warranty, Fireboard Lab will repair it or replace at their expense.

The probes have a 6 month warranty because of the extreme conditions they continuously perform in. the Fireboard unit and the accessories it comes with have a 1-year warranty.

Some of the things not covered under the warranty include; general abuse or misuse, modifications, and use outside rated specifications. Fireboard will inspect the thermometer before doing any repairs or replacements.

Ease of use

Using the Fireboard 2 is a no-brainer. Installing and setting it up is equally a breeze. The Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi capabilities make it a tad easier to use. The Wi-Fi allows you to monitor and control your grill or smoker from anywhere within your premises. With Bluetooth, you have to stay within a limited range. The Bluetooth does come in handy though, when your Wi-Fi loses signal or anything happens to it, you can still monitor and control your cooking temperatures with Bluetooth. You can choose best bluetooth meat thermometer as well.

Fireboard supports Google assistant and Alexa which can make controlling your cooking session a tad easier. You can also set up alarms to alert you when your foods or grill/smoker reach the temperature thresholds. You can choose to get the alerts via email, app or text message. If you are using a temperature control fan on your smoker or grill, you can set the target temperature for a cooking session on the app then wait for the alert.

You can also create cooking temperature profiles that will let you change your cooker’s temperature when the temperatures of your food reach a certain level or after the set time elapses automatically.

The temperature data gets stored both on the device and your Fireboard cloud account. It gets synchronized so that you can see both the historical and current sessions.

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The only problem is that you cannot set the alarms on the unit. You would have to be with your phone the entire time to get the alerts. Plus, the device has no speaker, so you can’t get any sounds from it.

If you are a stickler for good documentation, then this base unit should be your prime pick. Fireboard will meet your expectations with their clearly written and comprehensive manual. The manual comes in 5 different languages including; English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. It has an entire section on how to get technical support in case you need it. You even get guidance on how to set up your grill or smoker to get the right temperature regulation.


The Fireboard 2 costs 189 dollars as at now (June 2021). The price includes 2 food probes, one ambient temp probe, a USC-C charger, and the base unit, a grill clip and the user’s manual. The thermometer is competitively priced. You can get extra probes at a higher price.



  • Exceptional LCD display
  • 6 probe sockets
  • Long battery life-30 hours
  • Durable build
  • Accurate readings
  • Integrated Gyro technology
  • Instant cloud data transfer
  • Fan drive settings can be customized
  • Comprehensive display readings
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Alarm cannot be set from the device
  • The probes ports at the top of device are at higher risk of getting damaged by water
  • A button interface would give a better user experience

Fireboard 2 vs Fireboard 2 Drive

Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons (4)

Both of these units are fantastic but there are instances where one compares favorably over the other. Here are some of the main similarities and differences between the 2 units:

Fan control

You can use both units with a fan but the Fireboard 2 base unit is not built with a direct fan port. You have to buy the Drive fan control cable then plug it into the auxiliary port on the right-hand side. You will part with about 79 to 89 dollars for the cable. The entire expenditure will cost you about 20 to 30 dollars more than when you buy the Fireboard 2 Drive that comes with the fan port.

Probes and probe ports

Both the units use thermistor-type probes and have 6 probe ports. The Thermistor probes are rated up to 572 degrees.

There is very little difference between the 2 units. In fact, the Fireboard 2 Drive has all the features that the Fireboard 2 base unit has except the integrated drive technology that allows precise temperature control with a fan without needing an extra cable. If you want to avoid all the hassle and expenses, be sure to invest in the FireBoard 2 Drive as all you will need to buy is a fan.

Fireboard 2 vs Fireboard 2 Pro

Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons (5)

The Fireboard 2 differs from the Fireboard 2 Pro in a few ways. The Fireboard 2 Pro comes with a direct fan port that allows you to connect a fan to it directly while the Fireboard 2 does not come with the port.

Another difference is that the Fireboard 2 uses thermistor-type probes while the Fireboard 2 Pro used Type K thermocouples. While thermistor probes are rated at 572 degrees F, thermocouple probes are rated at 1400 degrees F. You can actually use the thermocouple probes in high heat cooking like in pizza ovens and you wouldn’t risk damaging them.

Also, the Fireboard 2 Pro only has 3 probe ports while Fireboard base unit has 6. 2 Pro cannot accommodate more than 3 probes limiting your ability to monitor and control the cooking of more foods at the same time.

Overall, if you want increased ease of use, go for the Fireboard 2 pro. If you want to be able to monitor cooking sessions on multiple grills, the base unit wins.


Fireboard is a renowned brand that has steadily gained popularity over time since their successful kickstarter campaign. The Fireboard 2 is one of their most loved thermometers. It is a solid cloud-connected digital thermometer. It is easy to use, well-designed and accurate. Its main unit is built like a tank and is bound to last. Its vast display and superb connectivity are a solid step-up. The fact that you can see all the temperature data of all the 6 probes at a glance is beyond exciting. The Fireboard app is also unmatched. From this Fireboard 2 review, you can see that it is still the best in business and will make your grilling life a tad easier and enjoyable. The Fireboard should be anyone’s top choice as it covers all the basics.



Bluetooth Low Energy - Wikipedia

(Video) Masterbuilt 1050 w/Fireboard Temp Test

Bluetooth Low Energy(Bluetooth LE, colloquiallyBLE, formerly marketed asBluetooth Smart) is awireless personal area networktechnology designed and marketed by theBluetooth Special Interest Group(Bluetooth SIG) aimed at novel applications in the healthcare,fitness, beacons,security, and home entertainment industries.


Fireboard 2 Review (Fall 2022) – Features, Pros and Cons? ›

The Fireboard 2 is the base model in the Fireboard Thermometer line. This unit has the same features and capabilities as the Fireboard 2 Drive model except for the ability to directly plug a fan into the unit. You can get up to six channels/probes. This unit uses Thermistor type probes.

Is FireBoard 2 drive waterproof? ›

The FireBoard 2 series models (FBX2, FBX2D, FBX2K) are all weather resistant, but not waterproof. The technical definition of water resistant is that it is able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not entirely.

Can you use FireBoard in oven? ›

Please do not mount the FireBoard unit inside of ovens. The unit itself is rated from 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C). Only the probes are rated for high temperature.

What does lid mean on FireBoard? ›

Lid Detect

Since a lid opening adds a lot of oxygen to the smoker, the fan should instead turn off and wait for the lid to close and the temperature to stabilize. In some cases, a rapid drop may occur without a lid opening, which is usually a sign that the smoker isn't holding temperature without the fan.

Does FireBoard charge while off? ›

The FireBoard consumes a minimal amount of power while in the 'off' state to maintain its internal realtime clock. A fully charged FireBoard should retain a substantial amount of charge over 2-3 months. Longer periods beyond this will likely require charging before use.

Does FireBoard need to be on to charge? ›

The FireBoard should take between 4-6 hours to charge. The charging and power behavior is similar to a cell phone, where the device can be powered from USB and also recharge at the same time. The device will automatically turn on when it is plugged into USB Power.

How hot can FireBoard get? ›

HOW HOT CAN THE FIREBOARD GET? The thermistor probes and cables that come with the FireBoard are rated from 0°F to 572°F (-18° to 300°C). We also offer RTD versions of our probes that are rated from -58°F to 716°F (-50° to 380°C). Learn more about our probes here.

What probes work with FireBoard? ›

FireBoard offers probes with two different types of sensors: the Thermistor and Thermocouple. (RTD probes are really a third type, however these are not sold standard anymore and FireBoard recommends Thermistors or Thermocouples for most applications).

How do I connect my FireBoard to WiFi? ›

Connect to WiFi
  1. Enable WiFi on your device.
  2. Open the FireBoard App.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap on your FireBoard's serial number.
  5. Tap Manage WiFi. If your phone/tablet is already connected to your WiFi, we'll auto populate your network name for you.
  6. Enter your network password and tap OK.

How do you program a FireBoard? ›

FireBoard App: Drive Programs - YouTube

How do you use a fireboard 2 drive and blower? ›

FireBoard 2: Drive Operation Using Buttons - YouTube

What is the meaning of fire board? ›

Definition of fireboard

1 : a screen or panel often painted or otherwise decorated to close a fireplace when not in use. 2 Midland : mantelpiece.

How do you install a Kamado Joe fireboard fan? ›

FireBoard Drive Blower Introduction - YouTube

What is the meaning of FireBoard? ›

Definition of fireboard

1 : a screen or panel often painted or otherwise decorated to close a fireplace when not in use. 2 Midland : mantelpiece.

What probes work with FireBoard? ›

FireBoard offers probes with two different types of sensors: the Thermistor and Thermocouple. (RTD probes are really a third type, however these are not sold standard anymore and FireBoard recommends Thermistors or Thermocouples for most applications).

How do you install a Kamado Joe FireBoard fan? ›

FireBoard Drive Blower Introduction - YouTube


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