10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (2022)

We all love a good prank. As long as we’re not the ones on the end of it, of course. But sometimes, despite careful thought and meticulous planning, things can go awry. Perhaps the banana falls out of the exhaust pipe or the plastic wrap across the toilet snaps, or maybe you end up going to jail… uh, what? Here are ten practical jokes that resulted in everyone wishing they’d stuck with the good old fashioned whoopee cushion.


Fake Death

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (1)

Prank: Man convinces ex-wife he’s hanged himself

Ex-wives. Let’s face it, their second role in life is being the punch line to pretty much every joke their former lover can come up with. But in 2004 there was one ex-wife who was certainly left with the last laugh. Randy Wood, embittered and angry and wanting to get one over his past ex, called her up and told her to come over to his place. He had ‘something’ to show her he said. When Wood’s ex-wife arrived she found her ‘late’ ex-husband hanging by a noose from a tree in the front garden. Rather than grab the nearest stick and beat him like the human piñata he really is, she immediately called 911, presumably in hysterics at what she had seen. Cue, firemen, policemen and paramedics showing up en masse. But when a fireman went to cut Wood down they found a concealed harness supporting his body weight and one sniggering ex-husband totally intact. It was a short lived victory however, as he was subsequently fined $1,000 and sent to jail for a year.

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Public Cheating

Prank call gone HORRIBLY wrong!!

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Prank: Husband’s cheating past revealed live on radio

We’d all do anything for a free concert ticket, wouldn’t we? Especially if the artist in question is one of our fav bands of all time. But would you do this? In 2008, to win tickets to a Kanye West’s concert one woman agreed to call her husband live on radio and tell him that their 9-year-old son wasn’t in fact his. What could possibly go wrong you ask? Hm, thinking they were trading confessions, the bewildered husband blurted out the immortal line: “I’ve been screwing your sister for the last year!” Whoops. What’s worse, she didn’t even get the tickets.


Dental Disaster

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (2)

Prank: Dentist gets caught turning patient into pig

Nobody likes going to the dentist let alone a demented one who has a penchant for turning his patients into farm yard animals. Dr. Robert Woo is one such dentist. When doing a bit of dental work on one of his employees he thought it would be funny to install a pair of false tusks on to her teeth. This was no spur of the moment practical joke either, Woo deliberately choose boar tusks because the employee in question had grown up on a pig farm. Clearly not quite sure how the joke would go down, Woo photographed his little project whilst his patient was still anesthetized and then removed the tusks, replacing them with the usual caps. All good thus far. But then Woo decided to share his practical joke with the rest of the office—oh the wisdom! Miss Piggy-for-the-day obviously didn’t see the funny side. She sued her boss for $250,000. But the real joke was on Woo’s insurance company who were forced to fork out $750,000 when he sued them for not covering his practical joke. Come on though. Woo’s got a point. If most insurance companies cover for fire and theft, surely it’s not that hard to cover for ‘When turning one of your female employees into a pig doesn’t work out quite as you planned’.


Wedding Announcement

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (3)

Prank: Co-worker set alight for announcing wedding

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When you learn that one of your best buds is going to get married you throw a little party for him, right? You might order a keg of his favorite beer perhaps, or call up all of his mates and get them together for a Friday night down-the-pub knees up. Not if you’re Australian Gianni Catanzaro. His co-workers decided something a bit more special was required to celebrate his last days on Earth as a bachelor. Firstly, Gianni was grabbed, punched in the testicles (which, as we all know fellas, is already a pretty bad ‘prank’ as it is); had his wrists and ankles duct taped to a fence; was striped to his underpants; and egged. Enough’s enough, right? Wrong. Gianni’s loving co-workers then thought it would be a good idea to pour gasoline on to the floor and set it alight. Fair play to the lad, Gianni actually managed to get himself free, only to fall, face first into the roaring flames. The outcome: a postponed wedding and a cancelled honeymoon. The kicker: Gianni was the one fired… because the burns to his face and exposed body weren’t punishment enough for the awful heinous act of announcing his marriage to his mates.


Hash Cakes

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (4)

Prank: Hash cakes take out entire staff room

Joseph Tellini and Ian Walker are the sort of kids everyone would have wanted at their school. In their last year at senior high the two 18-year-old students thought it would be funny to repay their teachers for all their dedication to the boys’ educational needs by baking them a parting gift. But these were no run-of-the-mill brownies, these were brownies packed with marijuana. The teachers had clearly never encountered hash cakes before because within hours nineteen members of staff were taken ill and rushed to the nearest emergency room and the pair were ordered to do volunteer work. Worse still, the entire contents of the canteen were wiped out as wave after wave of teachers were hit with the munchies.


Fake Deadline

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (5)

Prank: False deadline prompts near death experience

Life in the fast lane can be a stressful one. Deadline after deadline flies by without any cessation. This was Glenn Howlett’s mindset before his colleagues at London City Hall decided to wind him up. Poor old Glenn was happily working through his latest stress-inducing report when he received a memo informing him the report was actually due two weeks earlier than he had planned for. Receiving the memo whilst on holiday, Glenn quickly returned home, set his office to work and began the panic of a life time—presumably whilst still wearing his swimming trunks. Shortly afterwards, he collapsed with a suspected heart attack. Contrite and apologetic, from what could have quite possibly been his death bed, Glenn accepted that he would not be able to complete the report in time and decided to apply for an ignominious early retirement. It was at this point that one of the pranksters informed him of their hilarious joke. Great timing! Glenn, as anyone in their right mind would, saw the funny side, and promptly, and successfully, sued City Hall for damages. Some weeks later another memo was sent round, telling everyone not to pull pranks. The best bit, if only Glenn had clocked the date on the original memo: April 1st.


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Dead Dog

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (6)

Prank: Dead dog on top of car alerts police

Paul Goobie. Remember the name because this guy pulled one of the sickest practical jokes of all time. Getting hold of a dead Chihuahua alone is pretty messed up but to then go and tie it on to the bumper of a co-worker, Kevin Meloy’s car is just plain twisted. Completely unaware of the deceased mutt flopping about at the rear-end of his automobile, Kevin drove for several miles without stopping—partly due to the fact Kev is a bit hard of hearing and couldn’t hear the numerous irate motorist’s honking their horns in disgust. Eventually, Kevin was alerted to his dead passenger and he in turn alerted the police, who wasted no time in charging Paul Goobie with the unlawful disposal of a dead animal. You’ve got to ask yourself, would he have got away with it if he’d have used a Doberman?


Fake Press Release

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (7)

Prank: Fake press release sees shares plummet

It was a normal morning on the news wires on August 25, 2000 and then all of a sudden word reached financial journalists that Emulex Corp had announced revised earnings and that they were being investigated for accounting irregularities resulting in CEO, Paul Folino, stepping down. Not surprisingly, the company’s stocks sank from $113.06 to $43 within two hours. Shareholders, obviously, were in bits. Why had they not be consulted? Well, no one at Emulex had been consulted. The whole thing was a fake. Earnings were fine, the CEO wasn’t leaving and there was no impending investigation. The following week an arrest was made. Mark Jakoba, a 23-year-old college student who was working at the small internet news company that ‘leaked’ the information had made a cool quarter of a mill from the cheeky scheme. Not that he could spend a penny of that in jail of course.


Cross-Dressing Doll

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10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (8)

Prank: Cross-Dressing Doll gets security officer the sack

Being a night watchman at Toy ‘R’ Us must be boring as hell. So why not partake in a little spot of doll play—or even dress up a male doll as a female one? Poor Ken didn’t know what hit him. And neither did Carina Guillot and her 12-year-old daughter, Jocelyn when they walked into the store in Florida in July 1990. Believing they’d spotted a unique Mattel doll, and not dissuaded by the cashier in the shop, the mother and daughter left thinking they had a collector’s item in their midst. Shortly after they were offered $4,000 for their rare find. Once the story went national however, Ron Zero, the bored night watchman, ‘fessed up. His reward for his honesty? He was given the sack four days later.


Epic Jail Term

10 Modern Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - Listverse (9)

Prank: High school joke results in potential epic jail term

It’s the last day of high school. You’re thinking of doing something radical to have one last dig at the place that has owned you for so many years of awfulness. You decide to play a practical joke: to sneak into the school through the girls changing room window and put a sex doll in the showers. Yes. A sex doll. But, oh no. Somebody sees you climbing through the window, hoodie and gloves and big black box and they think of all the logical things you could be doing and decide, yes, you’re planting a bomb. The school is evacuated and the Indiana State Police bomb squad clear the area costing the school over $8,000. The teenager in question, Tyell Morton was arrested and charged with institutional criminal mischief, which could have seen him spend up to eight years inside. Luckily, he only received a suspended sentence and a few weeks of community service. There’s one kid who’s learned his lesson: don’t climb through school windows brandishing a sex doll.

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Based on information provided by the children, the neighbor told the 911 operator that the children’s mother had been strangled by Michael Meyers [sic], the killer in the horror movie Halloween .. Michael March, 18, may have been dressed as a clown, but Judge Jamie Hill didn’t think March was funny when he chased a pregnant woman with an axe.. The victim of his prank threw a brick at the “ killer clown ” before fleeing for her life.. The clippers injured the boy’s fingers and hands.. In October 2003, Donald Awalt, 14, of Ellsworth, Maine, was so badly burned by a Halloween prank at a school assembly that he had to be airlifted to a Boston hospital.. After realizing that the incident was not a joke, panicked students ran toward the exits.. Before the onslaught occurred, Solis’s girlfriend, Maria Rodriquez, was walking with him.. As part of the prank, he’d slipped the noose over his head.. When Jackson confronted them, Curtis Sterling, 17, drew a handgun, shooting Jackson in the head and killing him.. On October 29, 1994, on his way out of a Brooklyn bar, a man was pelted by eggs thrown by a group of boys.. Probably the biggest Halloween prank to go awry was Orson Welles’s October 30, 1938, radio broadcast, War of the Worlds , based on H.G.. Wells’s novel of the same name.. At the end of the broadcast, Welles assured his audience that the show had been nothing more than a prank.. . . it’s Halloween,” he told them.. After the broadcast, the public and government reactions show that many Americans were angry at having been duped by Welles’s terrifying prank.

However, if they don’t go according to plan, the prankster and the person on who the prank is carried out can face ugly consequences.. Before he was struck by two cars, a couple of people reported sighting a bigfoot on the highway on 26 August 2012.. One of his friends was with Drewes who witnessed his death.. When they reached 40-year-old Levin’s place, Drewes took the lead and his friend was waiting nearby.. Levin came out of his home with a pistol and didn’t know it was a game.. Soon, Drewes was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.. After a few months, Levin was sentenced to jail and was also made to pay $750,000 to Drewes’ parents.. Ashley’s brother Jake and his friends were filming during the prank.. The victim was taken to the hospital immediately but couldn’t survive for more than a day.. There were no signs of attack or other injuries on the victim’s body.. Gnanathas was thrown overboard first simply because he was the best man.

From toilet papering houses and lighting bags of dog poop on fire, to scaring the hell out of people and pulling the school fire alarm—Halloween pranks are common and the best ones are legendary.. Here are 10 examples of epic Halloween prank fails that left everyone involved with egg on their face—some literally.. By the time the family that perpetrated the prank realized what had happened, the fire department was set up in front of their house and had a ladder extended all the way to their roof while shouting “Hang on.. In 2009, a woman in Granville, New York, was charged with a misdemeanor after her Halloween prank ended up killing her friend.. Inspired by a prank she had seen on television, a 49-year-old woman decided to spike the punch at a Halloween party she was attending with Visine eye drops.. Jordan Morlan, aged 16, of Louisville was apparently trying to prank his sister on Halloween by pretending to hang himself in a tree on the family’s front yard.. Sadly, the family didn’t believe Jordan was in trouble when they initially saw him hanging in the tree as they assumed he was pulling another in a series of Halloween pranks.

Since prank videos are likely to go viral on social media, Wilks’s friend later admitted that they were actually creating this prank for YouTube .. Such prank videos on YouTube go viral, sometimes reaching millions of views.. When cops encountered the random man, Finch, they assumed him to be the criminal who just had murdered his father and held other family members inside.. Barriss pleaded guilty to multiple charges and was sentenced to prison right away.. His gamer mates were prisoned a few months later.. He drove fast behind the pranksters’ car to get their tag number but lost his control after pursuing them for three miles.. The teens had no intention of harming anyone, and the girls gave a complete account of the incident.. Nobody was charged with anything, but the incident was taken seriously in the county.. Morelli and Kristen’s brother Jason were friends who smoked together and had plans later on the same day of the incident.. She said he just ran away and didn’t even call 911.. Morelli was charged with first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to prison.. When Figgins started his pursuit, he had already called for backup.. Neither the deceased’s family nor police accused the high school students of Figgins’ death.

The essence of a prank is to pull a trick that is funny because, even though the victim gets duped and suffers some kind of embarrassment as a result, you let them in on the joke and that diffuses the tension created by the prank in the first place.. A mean spirited prank is generally not funny to the person being pranked.. You could make a strong argument that, if the victim of the prank doesn’t see the humor in it once they are let in on the joke, then it wasn’t a good prank in the first place.. Continuing the theme of hurting friends as a prank, nothing in the pantheon of painful pranks you can pull on a friend seems to be funnier injuring someone else’s testicles.. No one in the Reddit thread thought the prank was particularly funny either, pointing out that of course people are going to go looking for cats stuck in the ceiling, because who wouldn’t look for a cat stuck in the ceiling?. Nobody got hurt as a result of the prank, and it was a little more than time wasted, but it does go to show that a poorly thought-out prank is going to make you the most hated person in the office if you’re not careful.. The point of the challenge is to either drink boiling water through a straw or just pour it on a friend.That’s exactly what happened to 15-year-old Kyland Clark when a friend dumped a pot of boiling water on his back, chest, and face.

Hardcore Porn Played at Family Funeral on Accident. The family had put together a memorial video for the father and son and expected to see it on the funeral day.. For four whole minutes, the funeral assembly sat through uncensored pornography while funeral home staff figured out how to turn it off.. Funeral directors could not figure out how the video switch happened and launched an official investigation.. Video: Julie Mott Trial: Casket brought into courtroom for demonstration during missing body trial. The lawsuit explains that they had expected a casket that would be reliable and sturdy and that the family expected Universal Caskets (the manufacturer) to handle her father’s body with care.. The owner of Universal Caskets, Ariel Suarez, claimed that he knew nothing of the case and did not sell the casket to Morales.. You’ve probably seen this video already, and it’s actually one of the lighter things to happen at a funeral on this list — even though what happens still totally stinks.. Drama erupts in a funeral as wife, cousins jump into the grave. At one point, the coffin is already in the grave, and people are trying to pull it back out.. A wake is a chance for people to say their final goodbyes to the deceased, and, if you are like I was at my grandfather’s wake, a chance to make sure that the deceased is not actually alive.. People are wrongly declared dead and then “come back to life” at the funeral home, no resuscitation efforts or anything.

Some world records require little practice, such as the record for the greatest number of people brushing their teeth all at once (26,382 people).. The main event was a world record attempt for the greatest number of people fire walking and Guinness was on hand to make sure it was done safely, that the fire pit was 3.5 meters (11.5 ft.) in length, and the participants were at least 14 years of age.. For his seventh world record – the fastest time jumping through 10 panes of tempered glass – Villa signed a contract with truTV to film his attempt for the show “Guinness Records Gone Wild.” Villa claimed that the show’s crew altered his equipment before his attempt and, as result, he never made it through even one pane of glass.. Soon after, he heard about two world records: the longest free-fall parachute jump (80,340 ft. or 15 miles) set by a Soviet Air Force colonel; the highest parachute jump (19 miles or 31 km) set by a USAF pilot.. If any world record could be considered harmless, the least likely to endanger anyone, it would be a record for releasing balloons.

The 1940s through to the 1960s saw nuclear attacks and tests that revealed the terrifying power of these devices.. ☢Trinitite – Nuclear Glass!☢. Called a quasicrystal, they were believed to be impossible.. This high concentration suggested that the glass was fallout from the atomic bomb that had destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.. Koko wanted to attack Lewis.

On the 1 st of April 2016, a man decided to play an April Fool’s day prank on his roommate who worked from 9 to 5.. A cheeky high school student got bored at lunch time and decided to carry out a prank at the boys’ urinals.. On the 1 st of April 2013, a bored man in a park decided to play the age-old immovable quarter prank on people who were passing by.. Another high school student had had enough of his boring French class, so he decided to prank his middle-aged female French teacher.. In an effort to lighten him up and have him focus less on his work, his coworkers decided to play a prank on him.

After a few minutes they went into her room and turned on the light.. In high school I mixed a bunch of food and drinks in a bottle during lunch to make it look like shit and dumped in a urinal in the boy’s bathroom.. I told a bunch of people what I did.. He decides to put it on his burger and then calls the waitress over saying that there’s a bug in his food.. Came clean once the manhunt started and got in some trouble, but the teacher was surprisingly good natured about it since I was only 10 or 11 at the time so I didn’t get expelled or anything.. Me and the guy I was working with decided to call her and give her a bit of a scare by telling her she was suppose to be at work an hour ago.. However, I missed a lot, and because the teacher was notoriously messy, his desk remained covered in a thin layer of fish food for the next 5 years or so until he died.. I check my feed an hour after this started and my Facebook wall blown up with people saying they’ll miss me and stuff and thats when people started calling my mom.. After we threw the balloons and soaked a few people we ran back to my car.. He ended up slapping the back of his head on the asphalt and got a concussion.. One day I decided to make the “game” a bit easier for them by giving them my real phone number, and a few days later tried to make a legit pizza order.. There’s this prank where you take the victim’s fast food cup and attach a ketchup packet at the end of the straw.

A search of the area turned up no trace of him and, tragically, one of the searchers was killed after crashing his plane.. Others believed that both Reinhard and Young were victims of foul play and that their cases were somehow connected.. Whatever the truth, Keith Reinhard’s disappearance remains a mystery.. Both women were seriously wounded but still alive.. Searchers found some blood in the area along with items which may have been connected to Derrick including a candy wrapper and a bookmark from his school.. Officially, there is no evidence to connect Milligan to the crime and Derrick Engebretson’s disappearance remains unsolved.. Nevertheless, the Duvall brothers were both convicted on two counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment .. He decided to go into the wilderness on a hunting trip with two companions.. Harrod never returned, and there were numerous theories about what happened to him.. In the end, the skeletal remains were left behind and never identified as Harrod, and Bridges disappeared before he could be questioned.. On September 10, 1928, the 22-year-old Halsman went on a hiking trip with his father, Morduch Halsman, in the Zillertal Valley in Tyrol, Austria.. When Halsman found his father’s body near a riverbank, he was still alive so Halsman went off to get help.. As the troop neared the top the summit, Jared wandered away and disappeared after apparently straying onto the wrong trail.. On May 19, 1996, a young lesbian couple traveled to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia for a hiking trip.. Since these crimes also occurred in Virginia around the same time Williams and Winans were murdered, Evonitz is considered a suspect but thus far nothing has connected him to the crime.

Aber 2004 gab es eine Exfrau, die mit Sicherheit das letzte Lachen hinterlassen hatte.. Er hatte "etwas" zu zeigen, sagte er.. Wir würden alle etwas für ein kostenloses Konzertticket tun, oder?. Aber dann beschloss Woo, seinen praktischen Witz mit dem Rest des Büros zu teilen - oh, die Weisheit!. Aber der eigentliche Witz war über Woos Versicherungsgesellschaft, die gezwungen wurde, 750.000 Dollar zu zahlen, als er sie verklagte, weil sie seinen praktischen Witz nicht verdeckt hatten.. Woo hat einen Punkt.. Wenn die meisten Versicherungen Feuer und Diebstahl abdecken, ist es sicherlich nicht so schwer zu decken für "Wenn eine Ihrer weiblichen Angestellten zu einem Schwein gemacht wird, klappt das nicht ganz so, wie Sie es geplant haben".. Sie entscheiden sich für einen praktischen Scherz: Sie schleichen sich durch das Umkleideraumfenster der Mädchen in die Schule und legen eine Sexpuppe in die Dusche.

Typically, a prank goes off and the intended result is produced: the person gets a good fright, laughs when they find out it’s staged, and pats their friend on the back, happy to be out of perceived danger.. Below are ten examples of pranks where the prankster produced an unintended effect, getting either himself or his unknowing victim in much hotter water than he thought.. In 2013, the 16-year-old from Kentucky died playing a spooky Halloween prank on his sister, or so it is believed.. Jordan’s mother says that she at first didn’t believe that her son was actually hurt because he had been playing jokes on his family all day as they put up Halloween decorations.. Pranks turned into overt vandalism as the students spread garbage and urine, dead animals (a mutilated possum), and living creatures (chickens and crickets) around the campus.. A friend of the two said: "He was just trying to chill with [Kristen Milano’s] younger brother and he thought it was a good idea to throw a firework up there…” Unfortunately, the room caught fire almost immediately, and the fire quickly grew to a blaze.. Jack Baker just wanted to play an April Fool’s Day joke on his wife Linda.. 16-year-old Ryan Wilson, of Naperville, Illinois, died playing a prank on some Chicago gang members.. According to the friend, Wilson approached a Vice Lord gang member (not knowing, of course, his status) and asked him if he was “ready to dye.” Wilson didn’t have time to pull out the bottle of Clairol hair dye before the gang member pulled out his gun and put several bullets through the young man’s head.

Zde je deset praktických vtipů, které vyústily v to, že všichni by si přáli, že by se uklidnili s dobrým staromódním polštářem.. Podívejme se na to, jejich druhou roli v životě je úderná čára, na kterou se všemožně vyslovil jejich bývalý milenec.. V roce 2008, když vyhrála vstupenky na koncert Kanye West, jedna žena souhlasila, že zavolá svého manžela v rozhlasu a řekne mu, že jejich 9letý syn ve skutečnosti nebyl jeho.. Jasně si nebyl úplně jistý, jak by se ten vtip srazil, Woo fotografoval svůj malý projekt, zatímco jeho pacientka byla ještě anestetizována, a pak odstranila kly a nahradila je obvyklými čepičkami.. Ale pak se Woo rozhodl podělit se o svůj praktický vtip se zbytkem kanceláře - o moudrost!. Ale skutečný vtip byl na pojišťovně Woo, která byla nucena vydělat 750.000 dolarů, když je žaloval za to, že nepokrýval jeho praktický vtip.. Když se dozvíte, že se jeden z vašich nejlepších pudlíků vydá za ženu, hodíte pro něho malou párty, že?. Jeho spolupracovníci rozhodli, že je třeba něco zvláštnějšího na oslavu jeho posledních dnů na Zemi jako bakalář.. Ve svém posledním roce na vysokých školách se dva 18letí studenti domnívali, že by bylo legrace, kdyby jejich učitelé odměnili za veškerou svou oddanost vzdělávacím potřebám chlapců tím, že je pečlivě rozdělili.. Učitelé se předtím nikdy nesetkali s hashovými koláči, neboť během několika hodin vzali do nemocnice nemocných devatenáct zaměstnanců a vrhli se na nejbližší pohotovost a dvojici byli pověřeni dobrovolnou prací.. Úplně si neuvědomoval, že zesnulý mutt se zřítil na zadním konci svého automobilu, Kevin jel na několik kilometrů bez zastavení - částečně kvůli tomu, že Kev je trochu neslyšící a neslyšel, že četný podrážděný motorista si rozechvěl rohy hnus.. Byl to normální dopolední výstřik na zpravodajských drátách 25. srpna 2000 a pak se najednou dostalo finančních novinářů, že společnost Emulex Corp oznámila revidovaný zisk a že jsou vyšetřováni na účetní nesrovnalosti, které vedly k tomu, že generální ředitel Paul Folino odstoupil.. Není překvapením, že akcie společnosti se během dvou hodin snížily z 113,06 dolaru na 43 dolarů.. A ani Carina Guillotová a její dvanáctiletá dcera Jocelyn, když vstoupili do obchodu v červenci 1990 na Floridě, věřili, že si všimli jedinečnou Mattelovou panenku a nebyli odrazeni pokladníkem v obchodě, matkou a dcera zanechala myšlenku, že mají mezi těmito předměty sběratele.. Je jedno kluk, který se naučil svou lekci: nevycházet skrz školní okna, které by se bavili se sexuální panenkou.

When I was in high school I borrowed (without permission) my dad’s car while he was away on business to drive to school.. My mom found out and used the second set of keys to take the car back home.. When I came out to find the car gone I started to panic and called my mom confessing everything and saying that the car must have been stolen.. I was so devastated thinking that I had ruined my family financially and that my sisters wouldn’t be able to go to college because my family would be broke from something I did (no, I didn’t think about insurance, I was panicking) I ended up going home and taking every pill I could get my hands on trying to kill myself, it was mostly sleeping pills and Tylenol with codeine.. So my middle school idea of a prank was to grab his keys while he was in the shower, unlock his trunk, put his keys back, then hide in the trunk and scare him when he went to throw his backpack in the back.. One of my friends had a big hand bag, and as a prank after I came back from our tent, I sneaked up behind her and took here phone from her bag, right under her arm.. After about a minute or two of making them laugh the woman says, “All joking aside, hun, is Katie home yet?” I then decide to break my own rule and say to her “SHE’S DEAD!” and then hang up the phone.. Once his friend goes to sleep, we pull the old shaving cream in the hand prank and our laughter wakes up his dad.. He runs upstairs, yells that we could have blinded him, grabs my cousin and makes him grab the stair rail in a way that his back is flat, and starts whipping his back with a belt.


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